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Protect Your Marriage And Family

The foundation of where you can draw you greatest strength from.  But why do so many of us it wrong?

The 14 Marriage Makeover  Challenge is designed to give you tools, the new play book to navigate marriage today and in the process create more success in your career.

This is a guided program with daily emails with video master class training from Dave Morrison and daily tasks all designed to get you reconnected with those you love. 

Learn To Prosper In Any Moment!

Optimised Dad 6 Week Accelerator is a group coaching program that is like no other experience available. 

Unlike other group coaching programs the 6 Week Accelerator firsts builds a solid foundation for you to achieve success from. 

Using The Optimised Dad Method you get clear on who you are and what you can achieve in life then build a plan to make this happen.

Support by online tools, facebook mastermind and weekly coaching and accountability calls this program gets you moving towards your goals fast. 

 Purpose and Legacy.

You know your standards have dropped. Its costing you time, money and love.

The 90 Day Optimised Man Program has been created to:
- create a deeper connection and love and home.
- lead your business and teams more effectively
- create more time to be in your "genius zone" each day.
- Optimise your health for high performance.

To apply for the next round of the Optimised Man program hit the "register" button below. 

"The Path Of The Optimised Dad Starts With Surrendering To The Unknown And Trust Your Instincts"
~ Dave Morrison ~

Optimised In Business

 Online Programs
Supporting your teams ongoing development can be difficult. They are all busy but need support and a level of accountability.

Optimised Dad Online Programs are designed to create structure, accountability and create empowering team environment. 

You are your team need time away from the business to work on the business. 

If you are not currently setting aside this time you will be feeling like you can never get one step ahead of the business. 

Optimised Workshops and Off-sites are a tailored experience for your business to get ahead of your goal and reconnect your team. 

Leadership and Strategy
You build a business plan but what about your own personal plan?

What is the cost of you not running the same level of rigour and structure against yourself as you do your business?

12mth Leadership and Strategy program pulls you out of the noise and into the clarity and direction you require to amplify results in all areas of your life. 

To find out more please book a call with our team. 
"The Core Essence Of Success Is Directionality"
~ Dave Morrison ~
These Dads All Followed The Optimised Dad Method To. 
Its Time To Breakfree...
Lets get it back to basics and have you being more in the moment with those you love and life.

Life is busy and full of distractions how about we draw a line on today and start to implement something different.

Download the How To Be A More Present Dad Blue Print today, join the Facebook community for on going support and start to see the changes happen. 
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These Dads All Followed The Optimised Dad Method. 
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