Hi, Im Dave Morrison

Dave Morrison, coach, trainer, Master Practitioner in NLP and Hypnotherapy and the Founder and Lead trainer of The Optimised Dad movement and he is taking a polarising approach to being a Man, Dad and Husband. 

"Each Day, You Can Choose To Live From Love Or Fear"
~ Dave Morrison ~
Its Ok To Not Have All The Answers

Dave has coached and led men from all over in one on one breakthroughs and in group coaching programs resulting in marriages reigniting, careers transforming and Dads owning their true purpose.

"You Are Either Stepping Into Growth or Falling back Into Familiarity "
~ Dave Morrison ~
Awareness, Action, Accountability. 

Dave has taken the 100s of hours of coaching and mentoring Dads and isolated the key strategies and habits that transform marriages and reunite families and created the Optimised Dad Movemen.

Its Time To Breakfree...
Lets get it back to basics and have you being more in the moment with those you love and life.

Life is busy and full of distractions how about we draw a line on today and start to implement something different.

Download the How To Be A More Present Dad Blue Print today, join the Facebook community for on going support and start to see the changes happen. 
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